VOIP Review #1: Mitel


Mitel is a very well-known VOIP brand that provides quite a variety of different phone system options. The many features available for their MyVoice business phones, as well as service plans for multiple sizes of businesses, have made Mitel a leader in VOIP providing. In 1972 the company was created, and since then they’ve grown dramatically, becoming a celebrated pioneer in the Cloud Communications market.


Mitel services are very specific to each business. For that reason, we recommend getting a quote from them if you’re considering them, because otherwise it is very difficult to find out exactly what their service will cost you.


One super important thing to keep in mind when deciding on a VOIP provider is customer service. You definitely want someone available to help if you ever have problems with the system. Mitel’s customer service reviews are good, and they offer support online and by phone. mitel-logo

Mitel provides services full of features. Nextiva and RingCentral do not offer some of the features that Mitel does, but having an idea of what features you would like to get makes deciding on a provider a lot easier.


The cost of a Mitel system is typically a little more than one from other providers, but if you’re looking for a feature-rich service, this one may be your best fit. However, if you’ll just be needing a simple system, these features may be unnecessary, and the cost may discourage you from going with Mitel. Also, because the services are so specific, Mitel does not offer a free trial, which some other providers do.


This company is already a great quality service provider for businesses large and small, and they are always working on simplifying and increasing the value of their services. If you’re looking for a provider with advanced, sophisticated services, the cost of the service will be worth it.